Make Your Home Look Stylish and Elegant with Slate Roofs

If you are looking at improving the market value of your property then you might think about installing slate roofing for your home. Slating roofs made from natural stones are gaining a lot of popularity and are quite eco friendly.

Materials Used for Roofing Matters

Roofing made from good quality materials tend to last for a long time. These are able to withstand any type of climates and require less maintenance. If you are looking for economic options, then you can go in for recycled slate roofs. If you plan to go in for fancy ones, then be ready to shell out some extra money.

The next thing that you need to take into consideration is the company from which the materials were procured from. Credible Sydney slate roofing companies will come with warranty and guarantee on their products. One such company that you can rely on is NSW Slate Roofing Pty Ltd. Their team of skilled professionals specializes in good quality roofing solutions for all types of projects.

When you hire the services of roofing companies, ensure that you read the contract thoroughly. Look out for any hidden costs. Whatever you have discussed with your contractor, ensure that the same is written in the contract. If you find any discrepancy, ensure that you sort it out with the company before the actual work begins.

Another option available for you is the composite roofs. Some of the benefits of using these types of roofing solutions include:

  • It is economical
  • They weigh less
  • These are fireproof
  • Slate roofs are natural insulators that help keep your home cool or warm as per the climate
  • Slate roofs are made using natural materials and does not contain any toxic material

Factors to Keep in Mind When Installing Slate Roofs

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of slate roofs, you might need to give some thought on the installation process. Poor installation can lead to you spending a lot of time on home repairs. Some of the factors that you might need to take into consideration when it comes to slate roof installation include:

  • Calculating your roof pitch. If the roof pitch is shallow that 4:12, then slate roofs are not an option
  • Slates should overlap each other to avoid water into your home
  • There should at least be three inches overlap onto the sides and top of each slate
  • Checking the type of metal used on the slate roofs. The most popular choice is copper or stainless steel
  • The slate nails used in the installation should be either copper or stainless steel to be durable in the long run
  • The length of the nails should be double the slate thickness
  • Ensure that they are pounded properly and hold the slates together
  • Choose the correct sheathing material for your roof
  • Plywood and laminated wood are a big no as these can break easily
  • Choosing the right underlayment to be installed over the roof deck
  • The right underlayment helps prevent moisture from infiltrating the roof


Ensure that you regularly have your roof inspected by credible slate roofer companies. This can help extend the life of your roof and save you from major repair cost.

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