Few Top Reasons Why Slate Roofing Is Preferred

Nowadays, slate roofing has become a popular material for roofing, though for many years, people have been using only concrete tiles, shingles and many other materials.

However, if you are considering using slate roof materials then in this short article, we shall tell you few top reasons why slate material will be right decision to use for your roof.

Customers often overlook using slate roofing Sydney, as mostly people are unaware about its capabilities and real value.

Following are few frequently asked questions about slate roofing material and also their answers.

  1. What are the various style and colour options available for slate roofing?

You will find numerous styles of slate roofing from textural/graduated installation to mixed colours and patterns. Most common styles that you can find in the USA are:

  • Standard pattern style
  • Random width style

Slate can vary in style and texture that can range from quite smooth/uniform to too rough and rustic. Colours of slate can be muted to vibrant colours. Although black and grey are most common ones, you can also find greens, reds and purples.

  1. What is the total lifespan of this slate roofing?

These slate roofing materials are million years old and hence are incredibly durable and they can last for several hundred years, with little or no maintenance. You can safely use it for minimum 75 – 100 years.

However, you should not put any sealant or paint as this can cause your roof to age faster.

  1. What are the different benefits of using slate against shingle roofing?

Following are few benefits of slate against shingle roofs:

  • Slate is called forever roof as homeowners will put only once in their whole lifetime but shingle roofs has to be replaced 2-3 times.
  • Slate roofing can increase your home’s resale value because of its natural beauty as well as durability.
  • Slates are recognized as elegant roofing material, hence will enhance architectural style of home and maintain same appearance for many years.
  • Natural ability as fire and mould resistant material. Also, can protect against frost damage and any breakage because of freezing.
  1. What you should do for preparing your roof by using slate?

Being extremely heavy product, slate can add additional 500 pounds to your roof. You must get your home suitably engineered by structural engineer and also get your roof inspected.

This will make sure that your roof can hold weight of slate roof.

  1. What is the difference in price between slate and shingle roofing?

As compared standard shingle roof material, slate can be 2 to 3 times more expensive product and its price can be between $15 and $16 per square foot. The price of slate roof can also vary based on size of your house and pitch of the roof.

  1. Can you repair slate roof?

Slate roof can be repaired at any time and you must take help from any licensed roofing contractor so that he can examine properly all the slate roof and find all the damaged pieces.

Having any professional inspected your roof at least once in a year can help you to keep your slate roof in best condition.

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