How Dry Cleaning Can Offer You Better Results Than Laundry Cleaning?

Are you aware that dry cleaning can be much better option as compared to laundry cleaning? Most of the professional companies therefore prefer more for dry cleaning.

This method of dry cleaning Sydney can offer you thorough cleaning and also protect your clothes better. Your dirty clothes will be inspected for any kind of stains before cleaning and special treatment will be given to the special dirty spots.

It is important to understand basic differences between laundry washing and dry-cleaning methods that are as follows:

  1. Chemical solvents are used for rinsing clothes during dry cleaning process. As no water is involved in dry cleaning process, it is known as dry cleaning, whereas in laundry cleaning, clothes are immersed in water.
  2. To remove dark stains, chemical perchloroethylene is used in dry cleaning process and special chemical solvents are used for removing stains, while in laundry process the clothes are washed by using detergent and water and put into washing machines.
  3. After dry cleaning, clothes washed in machine to wash by using tumbling process and solvents used in dry cleaning process will be usually removed and then recycled.

In case of laundry cleaning, clothes will be tumbled in washing machine by using detergent with water for removing the dirt particles by agitating process.

  1. Garments are then dried by using dry cleaning machines, but for laundry cleaning, water will be removed out of garments by using the spinning process. After that clothes will be dried inside a drier.
  2. Finally, dry cleaned clothes will be steamed or ironed for straightening them, and in the laundry, all cleaned cloths will be pressed or steamed.

Dry cleaning benefits

  • Can effectively remove grease and oil stains that are tough to remove.
  • Can reduce shrinkage and distortion in your fabric.
  • Can minimize discoloration and also reduce bleeding.
  • You can maintain the originality of the cloth material.
  • Can protect texture and increase the lifespan of your clothes.
  • Nowadays, with advancement of technology, dry cleaning companies now have started using environmentally-friendly products for cleaning that can disintegrate easily and will be less harmful.
  • All these solvents will not produce any odour and all your clothes will smell fresher and also feel much better.

Laundry cleaning benefits

  • No harmful chemicals are used and do not harm the environment.
  • No negative reaction on sensitive skin with detergents.
  • Detergents are much cheaper options and provide freshness to all your clothes.
  • Laundered clothes will be free from chemical odour. All the softening agents that added will give pleasant smell to your clothes.
  • Wet laundering is much energy efficient and consumes 50% lesser energy than dry cleaning.

Therefore, while choosing dry clean option or wet cleaning of your clothes, you must know various limitations and benefits offered by each process for your garment material.

You must rather prefer to take professional advice in case you are not too sure before you decide to wash your expensive garments.  It will be wise to prefer right washing process for the right fabric to get the best benefit.

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