Iron Present in Your Home Water Supply Will Need Different Treatments

You may often find a kind of foul smell when drinking water from the tap of your home. This could be due to the presence of iron present in it.

Presence of iron bacteria is quite common in the water supplies in a number of places. Many people are often ignorant about their presence and as a result, there can be different kinds of health issues too.

These bacteria are a kind of living organisms, which may not be visible and generally found in the soil and water. They can create an awful odour and taste and also can cause the growth of certain undesirable organisms, if they are not properly treated.

Few problems due to such bacteria

Mostly due to the presence of these bacteria following two types of problems can be found:

1.Foul taste and odour

You can find plenty of unpleasant type of taste and odour if your water supply is infected by iron bacteria. Often people confuse it with the smell of Hydrogen Sulphide gas.

Few common bacteria of iron are as follows:

  • Cucumber
  • Fuel oil
  • Rotten egg
  • Sewage
  • Swampy

If the water remains unused for considerable duration then odour from such bacteria may get worse. Often you can find such odour after you return from a long vacation.

Often if any of your plumbing fixture remains unused for a pretty long time, then too you can find such odour.

2.Rust stains/slime

Presence of iron itself can cause various stains. However, if there is a presence of bacteria then you can find red, yellow, brown or orange stains and also discoloured water.

Often the bacteria of iron can produce rusty colour, which can be grey, brown or yellow. They can also be found on plumbing fixtures and also on water treatment equipment.

Toilet tanks are one of the very common places, where you can notice such slime and often you can notice orange snot that is floating on water.

Treatment for the bacteria of iron

Prevention of bacteria operation will start from your well driller.  It is necessary to sanitize your well-drilling equipment as it prevents contamination. Few other treatments are as follows:

  • Shock chlorination which will involve adding a high amount of chlorine that can be 100 times higher than what is used in a swimming pool. After that you need to allow it to get soaked for almost more than 12 hours.
  • Also, shock chlorination can kill water bacteria however after chlorination the bacteria can develop again.
  • Most of the private wells will need regular maintenance

Often the iron filters which are used for air injection-only may actually increase the bacterial slime that can make things much worse.

Chlorine injection type of iron filters will provide continuous disinfection, which will also work very well. By using chlorine, you can get both disinfection for iron bacteria as well as oxidation of mineral of Iron.

Oxidized Iron can create “chunks” of rust which can be always trapped with backwashing filter.

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