How to Select Right Box Spring for Your Mattress?

Box springs are considered to be one of the critical components of most of the bed setups. However, they are often overlooked while people shop around for a mattress.

Though finding any box spring of right type may not be as important as finding a right mattress, but still it will have a serious impact on the sleeping experience.

In this short article therefore, we will provide few information to provide you help as box spring guide.

What is box spring mattress?

Any typical box spring can be considered as a wooden frame, on which your mattress will sit. Though the name “spring” used here can be misnomer but traditionally, box springs are more traditional mattresses with innerspring minus comfort layers.

During the past couple of decades, few manufacturers have already started phasing out these springs from their products.

Besides having a frame, typical box springs can also have protective fabric to cover along their sides and also skid-resistant fabric on the top and dust barrier at the bottom.

Why box spring is used?

Box spring can serve following main purpose.

  1. It raises the height of the mattress and due to this, it will be easy and convenient for you to get up from the bed and also make the look aesthetically more pleasing.
  2. It will be possible to sleep on box spring with mattress on the top, so that it can save you from trouble of putting bed frame together.
  3. By keeping your bed above the floor will reduce the presence of insets coming on the bed when you are sleeping.
  4. Box springs can also help absorb shock, so that it can keep your mattress protected from wearing out quickly.
  5. Finally, box springs will create flat and firm structure for the mattress and also allow better ventilation as well as airflow.

Selecting the right dimension of box spring

You can get box springs in all kinds of sizes of mattresses, and also 2 different standard type of depths:

  • Standard
  • Low profile.

Standard box springs will be having 9” height, while low-profile type of box springs will be between 5” to 5.5”.

Your choice mostly will be between the aesthetics and convenience. As such, there will be no difference in kind of support both the 2 dimensions width can provide and they will both work for all kinds of beds and mattresses.

Split box springs

In case, you live in such building, having narrow doorways or halls, then you may like to go for split box spring.

Here, it will come out to be the same total dimension like regular box springs, and your foundation will be made with 2 boxes instead of just 1.

This will not make any difference, so far as quality of sleep is concerned, but it will be much easier to transport your box spring.

In case you are looking for box spring for queen-sized mattress or even bigger, then probably it will be easiest to go with split box spring.

However, keep in mind that you will need support in the middle of the bed frame, or it may not work.

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