TWX Home Cleaning Tips – 4 Different Agents for Cleaning and When You Must Use Them

Based on the item that you need to clean, different cleaning agents can be used, and also their method of cleaning can vary based on the type of soil found on those items.

Following are the 4 main types of agents that are available with TWX Home that is used for cleaning in both commercial as well as domestic kitchen:

  • Gels
  • Degreasers
  • Detergents


Drains Gels are best for sinks at home as they easily clear the standing water, eliminate the blockages, and unpleasant smell. Be it bathroom or kitchen sink, toilet or your expensive glass shower cabin, these gels are perfect to drain out the dirt along with hot water.

  • Clears blocked pipes and plugholes
  • Dissolves other hard contaminants inside the pipe such as hair
  • Cleans & freshens pipes
  • Sinks through accumulated water
  • Safe to use for all types of pipes
  • Works with hot and cold water

Tips To Use

  • Make sure that your pour cautiously in the blocked drain.
  • It is suggested that you wait for 15 minutes for the gel to work and break down the blockage.
  • Thereafter rinse carefully with hot or cold water.


Sometimes these degreasers are also called as solvent cleaners which are used for removing grease from various surfaces e.g. oven tops, counters as well as grill backsplashes.

In the past, white spirit or methylated spirits were commonly used degreasers. Now most of the food businesses prefer to use non-fuming, non-toxic degreasers during their operation for preventing chemical contamination.


In our homes and commercial kitchen mostly detergents are commonly used as a cleaning agent and these detergents will work after breaking up all the dirt or soil, which becomes easier to wash and clean.

Usually, the detergents that are used in the commercial kitchen can be synthetic detergents which are made from various petroleum products and can be available in liquid, powder, gel or crystals form.

Always follow your cleaning with sanitizing

In order to create a germ-free kitchen, proper cleaning can only be the first step. Using any detergent, cleaning is done, but it will not kill bacteria or any other microorganisms that are present and can cause poisoning of our food.

In order to kill bacteria and also ensure a proper clean workplace, it is necessary to follow the cleaning with sanitizing.

With effective cleaning with sanitizing it can also help in:

  • Preventing various pests from entering into your business premise
  • Preventing cross-contamination
  • Preventing allergic reactions due to cross-contamination

You must make sure that everyone who will be handling foodstuff in the business knows very well how to clean as well as sanitize properly.

You must also enrol your staff in various food handling courses that can help ensuring that your business will stay compliant with all the food safety laws/regulations, passes through health inspections and also will protect your customers from various health risks e.g. food poisoning and allergic reaction.

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