Never Take it Easy, even If No COVID-19 Case Has Been Detected in Your Town

Many young people were often found partying in Florida beach as they feel that since no cases were detected, they are completely safe.

Similarly, people living in those areas where people are not much affected due to this pandemic may think that they need not follow all those protocols that are suggested by medical professionals, as no cases have been reported within their community.

However, this can be a grave mistake to continue with their regular life as before because if you wait till the first case is detected, it will be already too late.

It has been noticed that when people get infected by COVID-19, in initial few days the person will be perfectly normal in health and no symptoms will be found. However, during this period the person is capable of spreading this virus to many other people.

Therefore, though you may feel that no one is affected in your area but after few days suddenly multiple numbers of cases will appear. And this will again shoot up exponentially and make the matter worse.

People have been using surgical masks supplied by customer earth promos¸ however it is really not necessary to wear only those masks, as you can even prefer to wear a normal home-made mask and maintain a social distance.

In addition to that, you must also regularly wash your hands and try to keep your hygiene better. Avoid touching your eyes, face and nose etc.

Even a single person is affected from this virus is able to spread this virus to many other people even if the person may not have any physical contact with any other person.

Taking early precautions can certainly help in preventing the spread of this virus, because if the number of affected persons suddenly increases dramatically then all the medical facilities that are available may not be able to handle so many cases effectively.

It has been seen in many countries, where people have observed complete isolation and remained quarantined has been successful in flattening the curve of spreading the disease that was rising up exponentially in the beginning.

Therefore, if in your city, no case has been detected so far then it is good but that does not mean that you should stop following all the necessary precautions, like social isolation, wearing masks, avoid moving into crowds etc.

Earlier it was thought that only older people are more likely to get affected with this virus but many cases have been detected where people of all ages have been found to be equally vulnerable.

So, even if no cases have ben reported in your city, you must follow these instructions:

  1. Prefer to stay at your home most of the time
  2. Never visit to any social gathering, party or to any shopping mall or theater where crowds are expected.
  3.  Always wear a mask on your face where you cannot maintain minimum distance in few places like grocery shops or any such places where you need to visit.
  4. Always wash your hands with soaps repeatedly
  5. After you come back from outside, change your clothes and take bath before doing anything else.

This will not only protect you from this virus but also help in spreading this virus.

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